Video Chatting Sites

Video chatting has taken its toll over the years and has become very popular especially among the youth. Video chatting is considered to be an effective way to communicate or interact with your friends, people or family. The video calling features, apps and sites often receive positive views from the users and experience a large volume of traffic and internet usage. Broadcasting and networking are undergoing continuous developments in technology and security. All the sites or applications work to enhance the user experience and encourage more and more social trafficking. The best site or application providing better user experience, security, update and legit use rises among all others.

Video chatting is highly preferred due to the best user experience and effective communication. You can easily judge other persons interest in the topic by noting his or her gestures. You can see the other person laughing, smiling, blushing, angry or sad. Therefore you can have a clear idea of the other person’s emotions and well-being. You no longer need to perceive the emotions from the text or judge the tone of voice of a person. You can talk to the person through mic of verbal and non-verbal communication. This increases understanding, emotional attachment and good conversations.

Safety and Security

Since these apps are socially popular the concept of safety and security of these sites is debatable. Your privacy protection, credential safety and personal space are all questionable. There are certain flaws in the management system of these sites or applications. Many sites have expired security certificate or are not legalized thus leaving you at the brink of privacy leak and a victim of cyber-crime. Along with privacy leak, your mental health is also at the risk due to the content of some of these sites. Therefore, it is very important to be aware of these applications or sites and there licensing agreements.

Here are a few things you need to know regarding the safety of using these sites or applications:

  • Security Certificates: Most of the video chat sites or applications are not registered or verified. Certain sites do not have any security certificate and trick the users wrongly. Moreover, many sites are there whose security certificate has been expired weeks ago but still not registered. Thus, it is risky to surf the internet over these sites or to use these applications. Users must look for the license agreement or security certificate whenever opening any unknown video chatting sites. Best way to prevent this is by switching on alerts of your web browser and especially avoiding unknown sources.
  • Third-Party Sites: Another major issue of concern of video chatting sites and applications is that most of the sites use cookies, which are often sold, to the third party sites, endangering your personal information, privacy and credentials. This makes you prone to cyber crimes and you may fall prey to hackers. It is better to not accept site permissions for cookies or access to your Google drive. This endangers your privacy and device information. Your IP address is visible over the network and it is easier to get your information without your getting noticed.
  • Adult Content and Mental Harm: Video chatting sites are never safe and are an essential component of pornography or mature content. These sites promote porn and adult content that can be easily accessed and can cause great harm to your mental health. Especially, you need to track the movements of your kids over the internet and have a regular check on them. Many sites can be opened easily with some random words serving as keywords and endangering your kids and intoxicating their minds. 
  • Frauds and trickery: Many sites claim to talk to strangers, video call them and broaden your network. These sites and applications are one of the most dangerous forms endangering your safety and security. At first, you may think to make new friends, increasing your network is so cool and easy but you may be unaware of the dangerous issues undermining it. For example, you never know what is the real identity of the person you’re doing a video call with?. What if, Your content is visible over the internet?. There are many people with fake identities that may resort to these sites to steal your personal information. They are frauds and trickster which you need to be very careful of.
  • Encryption: Protected sites or apps like chat site reviews and WhatsApp have their data encrypted ensuring you safe and secure chatting. Your personal information and credentials are well protected but not all the sides offer the same feature. Many video chatting sites are unencrypted and the content of video calling may be visible to service providers or specific people. This may land you into the endless torment and cyber bullying like MMS leaks, morphed videos or photos or blackmailing.


Therefore, there is no doubt in saying that video chatting site or applications are not safe and if you are using those unprotected sites you may be at the verge of privacy leak. It is important to be aware and cautious of the unprotected sites or applications and prevent yourself from being a victim of cyber bullying or cybercrime. You should prefer those sites which are protected, encrypted and have a valid security certificate.