To successfully get yourself a M.E.L.T commercial truck driving license, you need to go through mandatory entry-level training for classes 1 and 2 to state your eligibility and any other requirements that you may need for the process. Generally, the compulsory training of drivers in classes 1 and 2 gives them high-quality skills as drivers to work as commercial truck drivers. Therefore, if you are looking forward to getting your license, consider enrolling in the Edmonton MELT program for a driver’s school.

  • Class 1 MELT Course Program

It is a mandatory requirement for every truck driver. A driver requires refresher training with either manual or automatic scheduled time for this program.

  • Class 3 Program

The Class 3 program is usually a course scheduled to test your air brake knowledge and endorsement skills. You must also pass the air endorsement and knowledge exam before taking a road test.

  • MELT Program Timing Analysis

Remember that class 1 MELT training will take an average of 113 hours to complete.

  • Drivers Test Requirements

When undertaking this program, you need to pass an exam before going on with your road test. Besides this, you will also be required to pass a medical examination test usually undertaken by a highly trained, qualified, and experienced physician.

  • Drivers Written and Knowledge Test

Here, you must study the road signs, essential license handbook, and observation on parking distances. Since it is a mandatory requirement for you to explore classes 1 and 2, you will be in a position to drive a commercial truck and also gain some knowledge about trailers

  • Air Brakes Course and Training

It’s a full-time course whose main aim is to show you how to properly test and maintain the system so that they remain working at their proper functions. It teaches you also how to react and deal with failing systems. You will also be able to relate to air brakes and training to help you learn more about the necessary procedure for air brake maintenance. Upon completing this theoretical training, you will be given a practical exam. After that, you will be given a certificate to take to the registry office to complete the exams.

Eligibility in the Process of Getting a MELT commercial Truck Driving Licence

Since trucks are heavy commercial vehicles, there are usually some measures used to determine the eligibility of individuals before being taken through a melt course at driver school in Edmonton. Therefore, to be eligible, one must;

  • Be of majority age, that is, 18 years.
  • Not hold driver’s program license for classes 1 and 2.
  • Go through a medical examination assessment and provide an approved examination report from a qualified physician.


As you wish to get yourself a MELT commercial truck driving license, always keep in mind what is required of you about classes you need to attend, eligibility, experience, and training level. You’ll be at ease in getting your MELT commercial truck driving license as soon as you go through all driving programs at driver school in Edmonton and meet all the requirements.