Look no further than floor decals to enhance your place and demand attention if you’re ready to use some creative marketing or artistic flare at your company, school, church, or home. Floor Stickers or Floor Decals, are even sometimes called “Floor Graphics Decals“. The wood floor, whatever you name it, is the most crucial component. Full-color floor decals are intended to be used as temporary floor signage inside on any sturdy flooring surface. Floor decals can utilize to create a barrier between people, guide foot movement, or advertise to anybody in your business. Unlike our bespoke stickers, floor decals have a textured anti-slip PVC surface and a reinforced fabric backing with a stronger adhesive.

Floor decals are produced with water-resistant solvent-based inks that allow you to maintain your floor decal clean with a damp mop and a mild cleaning solution. Your business’s floors are an excellent place to advertise. Customers and clients can be informed, or a giant bespoke floor greeting can simply be used to welcome them. When you get Floor Decals from, they can make your idea a reality.

Read on to find out how floor graphic decals can help grow your business and how they can be used effectively, and how long floor graphics decals last?

How Long Do Floor Graphics Decals Last?

The longevity of any decal or sign can vary greatly depending on a variety of circumstances. The margins of indoor floor graphic decals ripping off after heavy foot traffic, floor cleaners, or dragging objects over them is one of the most common causes of failure. The replacement frequency of indoor floor graphics might range from 1 month to 1 year, depending on the climate.

If floor decals are put and created properly, they can stay longer and avoid the wear and strain that causes them to peel apart. The quality of the materials, as well as correct installation and care, all have a role in how long floor decals survive.

How Are Floor Graphics Applied and Removed?

  • The floor graphics must be put on a clean, dry hard floor that is free of moisture and oils before being installed. 
  • Clean the area thoroughly with cleaning products before wiping it dry with rubbing alcohol to eliminate grease.
  • The next step is to put the images on the floor by peeling off the liner and sticking the decal down. 
  • Always check with the supplier to see if the surface has any additional needs. They’ll also walk you through the process step-by-step.

Uses of Floor Graphics Decals

Custom-designed floor decals can be used to offer instruction or guidance, promote, draw attention to a dull or unsightly floor, or add beauty and style. There are countless options for their use, whether functional or creative (or both!).

·         Distancing yourself from others in social situations is a good idea.

·         The traffic patterns serve as guidance.

·         Advertisements for sales

·         “Selfie zones” have been designated (social media advertising)

·         Photos, text, and logos from weddings and events

·         Bathroom floor tile patterns that are both decorative and non-slip

·         Churches, schools, gyms, and garage floors all need logos.

·         Advertising or 3D art

Final words:

If you need high-quality floor graphics decals for your retail store, or any other firm then contact Lucent Graphic Solutions. Let’s bring more value to your business. They are provided with high-quality materials and designed for easy installation.