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How can a natural chemical that offers many benefits to users be so controversial? When we consider how long does CBD stay in your system what we’re discussing is the legitimate risk of getting fired by an employer.

If you take a drug test, there is a possibility that leftover CBD products in your system could trigger a positive return.

According to USA Today, while CBD is legal, “contamination with THC” may return a positive result. An employer has the right to fire anyone for suspected drug use, even if there is CBD and marijuana confusion. 

It’s not fair but it happens. That’s why in this discussion, we’re going to discuss how long does CBD last and what you should know about drug testing.

How Long Does CBD Stay in Your System? 

According to The Chicago Tribune, cannabidiol stays in your system for two to five days, at least in terms of experiencing the effects of CBD. It may take weeks for a person to completely flush out all traces of CBD and THC content.

At the federal level, all CBD content must have less than 0.3 percent THC for hemp classification, and not marijuana.

CBD does not affect every person in the same way. The actual time required to flush out all traces changes according to a person’s unique body chemistry, dosage, the regularity of use, the method of delivery and even the food you eat.

Can Employers Fire You for Using CBD

The short answer is “Maybe!” 

The grey area legality of CBD is part of the problem. The FDA has made it illegal for companies to advertise CBD’s medical benefits. Some people have had their CBD products seized because of misunderstandings.

Recently, a CBD dispensary sued a private charter company after 3,200 pounds of hemp and marijuana product was seized from the Charlotte Douglas International Airport.

The charter company was accused of not having the proper paperwork. Since CBD comes to us because of a legal loophole, it’s very important to follow the law in all legal matters, even down to the smallest detail.

Purity and Types of CBD

According to WebMD, it’s not the 0.3 percent THC content that’s the problem. Rather, some companies have mishandled the labeling and actually made a CBD product that has a much higher THC rate than 0.3 percent.

If the product is truly “pure CBD” then you will not return a positive on a drug test. The safe thing to do (besides negotiating with your boss and fully disclosing your legal CBD use) is to avoid “full-spectrum” CBD products.

Full-spectrum products are made with the intent to retain as many phytochemicals as possible during extraction. 

For more about purity levels and the possible benefits of cannabidiol, discover more here from a CBD dispensary. 

Learn More About CBD Daily Benefits

The irony is that for all the hoopla surrounding CBD, effects are minimal in duration. Within two to six hours the relaxing “high” associated with non-THC or low-THC products will be gone. 

The majority of users are buying products for anxiety or pain relief and hardly feel any intoxicating THC effects at all. 

If you’ve never tried CBD products before, and just want to know what does CBD feel like, then the best thing to do is to read first-person accounts.

These anecdotal experiences can provide information as to how long does CBD stay in your system and what is CBD like for a person suffering from various ailments.

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