An apostille must sign authority of attorney travel authorizations, powers of attorney, and other legally binding documents written in Spanish that conform to the authentication requirements. Certified translators for documents in Spanish are crucial in these procedures. In most cases, the Document must have been written in Spanish.

The Document must be then authenticated and signed, and notarized in America. After that, it needs to be signed by the Secretary of State to be issued an apostille from The Hague and international validity. It’s not difficult. It is essential to locate a notary willing to sign an authority of attorney in a different language. It’s not easy to get this done. To obtain an apostille certification within the United States for a foreign-language document, you need to adhere to these steps:

First Step – Make an international, side-by-side version of the Document

The Document should be translated side-by-side with the notary’s details at the end. It will make it easier for most notaries to seal the Document with confidence since it is bilingual. The translation must be done in two columns. Most translators can accomplish this.

In some instances making the side-by-side Document yourself could also be feasible. Make sure to make use of a notarized, certified translation. You wouldn’t be able to authenticate original documents if the translated Document was not certified by a notary. In this situation, an official notarized certified translation will not have to be submitted.

Second Step – Notarize

Sign the bilingual Document together before a notary public who’s local and authorized. Foreign governments do not require English translation for notarization. The majority of bank branches and UPS stores can accept documents that are bilingual without a problem.

Third Step – Email the Document to the Secretary of State

Send your Document to the Secretary of State. It can take about two weeks to process the documents submitted via FedEx or mail. In most cases, an apostille will be issued when the Document is signed in the presence of a person. If you cannot purchase an apostille from the state, then it is possible to obtain a FedEx label available with pre-paid FedEx so that you can send the Document. The apostille certification will then be delivered. Make sure you are aware of the regulations. Notarized documents could require specific words or authentication from the county in which the notary is appointed. The first step is unnecessary when you can notarize the Spanish powers of attorney.

Selecting the Most Efficient Translation Service

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