unique outdoor cafe design

In the hospitality industry, outdoor dining is a customer magnet. Therefore it would be better to utilize unused spaces to create space that will capture more business. But how do you make it functional and comfortable for your customers? At the end of this post, you’ll discover unique outdoor cafe designs on how you can recover your restaurant or cafe’s unused space to create memorable, authentic dining experiences. 

  • Rustic greenery

Adding more greenery would be effective if you are up to a natural feel. You can add shrubs and plants to bar and table areas. If there’s more space left, you can add a water fountain. Larger shrubs are good if you have wide enough pavement to secure them— you can use it to separate your cafe streets or neighborhood.

  • Vintage outdoor decor

Vintage decor is prevalent in most cafes. Add metal lighting,  small pebbles, stone tiles, and vintage outdoor ornaments for vintage decor ideas to match the cafe theme.

  • Essential shelter

An outdoor shelter is essential to utilize your cafe’s outdoor space. You can always add awnings or retractable roofs. For easier and more intricate options, gate shades and umbrellas work best. Perfectly installed shelters provide enough coverage and add a classy look to any cafe.

  • A modern outdoor bar

If there’s enough outdoor space and you don’t mind using some of your outdoor seating areas, designing an outdoor bar is a unique outdoor cafe design. Wooden bars work best for modern-designed cafes. 

  • A fancy kitchen

Your cafe’s ambiance determines the kitchen you wish to add to your outdoor cafe. An outdoor kitchen will work best for a quieter establishment for on-the-go coffee. This design will provide security to customers who’d want to see their food being made. Also, it gives off a beautiful aroma that’s hard to resist.

Why would your cafe need a thoughtful outdoor designed space

With a plethora of unique outdoor cafe design, here are the reason for the essential question as to why your coffee shop need an outdoor space;

  • Considering outside seating makes the space more accessible in the era of ‘new normality”.
  • A visible, attractively designed patio is inviting and works more appropriately than a plain entrance.
  • Most customers prefer sitting outside in the fresh breeze, which is essential when there’s a suitable climate.
  • Outdoor seating space can significantly increase your cafe bar’s profit margins. 

How to get started to create the perfect outdoor for your café

While the outdoor design extends the interior space, location is essential and should be thoroughly analyzed. It should also have a unified and coherent color palette and seating layout that connects inside and outside. 


Beyond doubt, outdoor cafe space can add a lot of value, from increased seating capacity to achieving memorable uniqueness and boosted revenue. With the unique outdoor design, creating a magical day-to-night hideout that your guests will adore and an authentic dining experience becomes easier. While treating the outdoor setting as a natural extension of the interior, ensure consistency throughout the entire establishment.