naplan preparation year 9

NAPLAN is not a test that children would prepare for in a similar way to an end-of-term test. They are used to test skills while developing and improving them over time. Over a million students sit for NAPLAN every year, so whenever the exam is around the corner, tension and stress strike students, and parents on the other side may seem confused. The overall performance of students in the NAPLAN test is based on something different than their capabilities and understanding of power but on their ability to conduct the test using strategic conditions and exam techniques. Continue reading to get ready for NAPLAN preparation in year 9.

While testing bodies are not owned by their generosity regarding national exam tests, the NAPLAN exam for year 9 is exceptional. Instead of the four-skill test, your child will only have to sit for three exams; these three tests will occur over three consecutive days.

Test 1: Reading and writing

Test 2: Language conversion

Test 3: Numeracy

Planning for Naplan exam for year 9: Expert tips essential for the preparation process

With a proper understanding of what the Naplan exam is and the tests you’ll sit for, here are some of the practical preparation tips to help your child survive and  excel in the Naplan test

  • Ask Your Child How They Feel About Naplan

It seems more obvious, but it’s more than a question. It should be your starting tip that builds understanding of your child’s feelings and notes in which manner you’ll support your child. Based on their feelings about the test, encourage them and do it repeatedly till the actual test dates.

  • Get Comfortable With Completing The Test Online.

Rolling out Online tests has been of significant change for most students. If your child intends to sit for their Naplan test conducted online, try to answer some practice questions online. Once they become familiar with the induction process, you’ll understand they are comfortable using technology to handle the test and submit the answers.

  • Getting Access To Past Naplan Tests structure and Layout

Since practice makes perfect,  there’s no reason not to get past the Naplan test for your child to go through practice tests, even though they don’t have to complete all the questions. All it does to your child is to make them familiar with the questions’ layouts structure and proper style. In whichever way,  it builds confidence before going into the Naplan test with the familiarity created from the last papers. 

  • Get  a Good Sleep

Also, avoid having all your focus preparation for the test. Let your child have sleep time since it helps in decision-making,  cognitive speed, and short- and long-term memory performance. So, having enough sleep during the night is essential for your child, along with Naplan test preparation.


While preparing for the NAPLAN preparation year 9 test, it is also critical that you assist your child in continuously developing their numeracy and literacy skills. You can get advice from the teacher on how best to encourage the development of these skills.