Ben Patz

Ben Patz was born in 1996 and raised in California. He attended the American University of Paris. Later he attended Columbia’s business school to complete his education. Ben had the urge to earn more money at a young age. He worked with Lake worth Holdings Company, an international investment company in New York, and became the chairman and the co-founder of the Lake worth Holdings Business group. While working with the company, Ben Patz was determined to offer technology and energy domain work to clients globally. However, Lake worth Holdings Business group currently owns 15 companies operating on the worldwide platform. Ben managed to complete his achievements with passion, determination, and aspiration. He worked on various techniques to attain success while still young and improving his life. 

The strategies he used to improve his life helped him become a business tycoon and become a successful Businessman. Over time, Ben Patz built an outstanding reputation among his clients and fellow business partners for his determination, hard work, and persistence. It made him an outstanding individual among his peers. 

At his youthful stage, Ben has become the latest fascination of the gambling world. He amassed more than $1.1 million in gross winnings via parlays and became a sports gambling world’s version of the lottery in less than two months. All of his strategies did work for him as he stayed away from including spreads within his parlays almost entirely instead of opting to back big money line favorites. 

California Based Business Tycoon

Ben Patz can probably be described as a “born a winner” person. He raised some cash to place large wagers while working with Lake worth holding. He changed his winning strategy in betting the spread. However, teams didn’t care whether or not they made a certain number of points and cared more about winning the game. On realizing that, Ben began to place money on the Moneyline. His Moneyline parlay strategy has catapulted him into the limelight. It allows him to make a  patsy out of sportsbooks as his hot streak with his new method will get him over the million-dollar mark as soon as he wagers next. The show will still be on. 


Ben Patz is an individual that clearly shows achievements come in handy with hard work and determination. He’s often an inspiration to other individuals around his community and globally to get the power-driven force in meeting their achievements.