Trade shows take place in the biggest cities in any industry you can imagine. A gathering of industry experts, enthusiasts, and media under one roof in a setting that promotes business, education, and fun. There is much value in attending a trade show for your industry. The upside is so great; it would be a shame to miss out on all potential profits.

Involvement at trade shows creates many benefits for your company in the marketing world. Here are some reasons by Zachary Bader on why your company should invest in a trade show:


Trade shows offer budget-friendly solutions to market your brand and sell your product. With a simple booth, some technological accessories, and selling charm, conventions offer simple, inexpensive ways to get your brand on the market.

Target Market

Trade shows pull in a highly targeted market that is vastly interested in your product. Even though the event is only a few days long, thousands of interested clients come to one location specifically to learn about your product.

New Audience

This highly targeted market is often interested in one main aspect: new products. According to Zachary Bader, they travel to trade shows to learn about new brands, products, and solutions to their lifestyles. This is a great opportunity to launch a recently developed, major product.

Face Time

Trade shows offer more personal time with your client. Instead of communicating through today’s technology and phone lines, you can engage in real-time conversation and add more of your company’s personality and care to your image.

Relationship Builder

The personal interaction offered at trade shows lets you establish a direct, more effective relationship with your client. This relationship is valuable in the future as you maintain a connection, thrive off of their business, and network with other clients. Zachary Bader says you can establish a client base through business cards or compiling email lists.

Sales Lead

New relationships and deeper connections open channels for a new sales lead. You may find a new market that hasn’t been tapped into yet, or you may discover a need for a potential new product.

Small Business Benefit

Smaller businesses in a large company world sometimes struggle to establish themselves in a marketplace. Trade shows allow them to get their name out there and reach thousands of clients at once.

Year-Round Promotions

A one-time meeting at a show could result in year-round marketing for you and your client. Personally handing out brochures, verbally explaining the product, and offering promotional products increases customer awareness of your company. This awareness could last year if you continue promotional contact and maintain a client relationship.

Giveaway Opportunity

According to Zachary Bader, the major selling strategy is to giveaway either your product or products with your brand. This is a major tactic in the trade show industry and provides customers with a new belonging and can enhance your company’s awareness in the consumer’s mind.

Direct Selling

The biggest reason companies market at trade shows is to sell their product to the market directly. It omits the complications of over the internet or phone selling and allows you to interact with your product and client to achieve a successful sale.

A trade show should be a fun process — providing new business, increasing brand awareness, presenting networking opportunities, and giving the chance to learn more about the industry you conduct business in. Pick out a trade show that matches your product range and begin planning for success!