CNG Cylinder Hydro testing, also known as hydrostatic testing, is a non-destructive test procedure used to inspect cylinders for leaks, structural flaws, durability, and corrosion. This method is used to evaluate the cylinders’ structural integrity by visually inspecting the interior and exterior of the cylinders. The method also looks at the cylinder’s resistance to withstand pressure. The procedure is called hydro testing, as in this procedure the cylinder is filled with water before being put under a lot of pressure with a high-pressure pump. If the capacity of the cylinder is restricted, leakage will be apparent. Such, cylinders that show leakage or any alarming sign cannot be used afterward and must be disposed of immediately.


Hydro Testing is now crucial to prevent accidents like the possibility of cylinder explosions as the number of CNG cars is increasing. Hydro testing is important for the safety of your car and your priceless life, thus it shouldn’t be taken lightly. CNG cylinders encounter tremendous pressure during refueling. The metal sheet may crack or fracture as a result of the constant pressure that the cylinder walls can no longer resist, which leads to the cylinder bursting. Hydro Testing is necessary to avoid such dangerous circumstances.

Customers receive a certificate of compliance following the test which allows them to refuel at any authorized gas station. On the other hand, Gas stations have the right to refuse service, levy penalties, or both for violating or failing to comply with the following security standards. 


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