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As of the 17th of October 2021, the year saw six air-related accidents that resulted in 110 deaths. These figures are for commercial airlines carrying more than 14 passengers. There are many instances of airline incidents that involve an accident.

Airlines are required to adhere to the standard of common carriers of care. Common carriers include railroads, airlines, taxi cabs, or any other form of public transport.

When something goes bad in the skies, there’s no question that it is crucial to have an aviation accident lawyer to help you. Let’s look at the legal assistance you can expect when you employ an airline accident attorney.

Gather Discovery to Determine Fault

While it’s tempting to believe that an air accident is the pilot’s fault, this isn’t always the situation. If you engage an attorney, they immediately begin discovery.

Discovery is the process of gathering evidence or other information from the opposing side and experts outside of the firm. In addition to the document exchange, the process could be interrogatories and admission requests, which are statements that the other party must accept or reject.

In the event of a personal injury attorney can ask for information like airline insurance declarations or request assistance from an expert in accident reconstruction. They could interrogate the pilot, co-pilot, air traffic controller, the steward, passengers, and many more.

Legal Factors

If you file a lawsuit, your lawyer will decide the proper steps to take. The first issue is whether one faulted the accident’s actions. It could include negligent actions such as a pilot who has alcohol or drugs in their system or fatigue.

It could also be mechanics who failed to perform the necessary safety checks or repairs, plane stewards who failed to fix overhead booths, etc. Your lawyer will investigate the possibility of dangerous components being fitted on the plane, which could lead to injuries. In this scenario, the manufacturer could be responsible for the accident.

There are government agencies that regulate air travel and manage aviation accidents. These regulations establish security standards for the whole aviation sector. Following their investigation, they create an accident report used to develop or alter safety standards to avoid recurrences similar to the type of accident.

They could provide your attorney with useful details when filing an action against an airline if there was an incident that caused personal injuries.

Negotiate a Settlement or Go to Trial

The main goal of the course of legal action following an aviation industry accident is to hold the right parties accountable.

It means they must pay an amount to compensate for the losses you sustain. These damages can include medical bills and income loss disfigurement, wrongful death, funeral costs and loss of consortium, and much more. It can be difficult to prove liability.

The attorney you hire for your airplane accident has legal expertise and knowledge of aviation to prove your case. Be aware that aviation accidents include a range of aircraft extending far over the commercial airline. 

If your airline accident attorney cannot negotiate a fair out-of-court settlement, they’ll continue to present your case before a judge.