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During the summer, you may wonder how to maintain your automatic gate in Atlanta. Here is some maintenance advice for gates.

With summer in full swing, you may be wondering how to maintain the functionality of your automated gate.

Pest management is one of the most neglected aspects of automated gate maintenance. The presence of pests such as slugs might result in electrical failures. Their slime trails may cause corrosion and short circuits on circuit boards. Ensure the gate is adequately oiled and greased to prevent corrosion and erosion.

These summer maintenance instructions will ensure that your gate operates efficiently throughout the year. Also, remember to lock and unlock your gate while it is not in use.

Follow these easy summer maintenance instructions to maintain your automatic gate Atlanta.

Summer Tips for Maintaining Your Automatic Gate

Before the onset of winter, you should begin considering your automated gate maintenance. This often occurs about a month before the first frosts. Since the cold winter approaches, you should inspect the condition of the gate, as Murphy’s law predicts that it may malfunction during this period. 

The following are some general gate maintenance guidelines.

  • Remove UV rays and protect the gate from the elements. 
  • Maintain the photocells and operator rails clear of debris, which may cause corrosion. These are typical locations for electrical vulnerabilities. 
  • You should paint your gate every couple of years to increase its durability. 
  • If you have a wooden gate, you may often wipe the wood with a paintbrush to ensure a smooth surface.
  • Consult an Atlanta automated gate company professional for these maintenance recommendations. 

Keep The Tracks Of The Automated Gate Clean.

  • Maintaining the tracks of your automated metal gates as the temperature rises and the summer heat sets in is vital. 
  • Leaves and other rubbish should be removed from the rails to keep them clean and debris-free. 
  • Regularly cleaning the gate will prevent material from becoming lodged in the tracks. 
  • To maintain the gate’s clean appearance, you might sometimes apply a layer of wax. 
  • If you live in an area with evergreen trees, it is essential to keep the tracks of your automated gate clear of leaves and other debris. The accumulation of leaves and other debris may cause damage to the rollers, hinges, and control boxes of sliding gates. 
  • Moisture may lead to corrosion, attract bugs, and impair the electrical connections of your automated gates. 

Regularly polish and lube your automated gate.

Even if your automated gate is installed in the spring, you must continue to lubricate and clean it throughout the summer. If maintenance has been ignored, accumulation will result. 

  • Polishing and lubricating your gate helps increase its life. Once a year, polish your gate or apply a lubricant suggested by your gate supplier. In general, lubrication should be applied to the gate every six months.
  • Lubrication is essential to automated gate maintenance. Electric gates must be lubricated to avoid motor damage and friction. Without lubrication, these gates will be challenging to move and may cause motor damage. 
  • Similarly, periodically washing your automated gate’s paint helps preserve its pristine appearance. 
  • Even waxing it sometimes is an option. Before applying any wax, check the handbook for the type of lubrication suggested for your particular gate.

Beware of creeping creatures!

If your automated gate is located in the yard, keep an eye out for slugs and snails! By leaving slime trails, these critters may destroy the wiring of your gate and injure electrical components. 

Spiders, ants, and mice are other pests to look out for since they may chew through cables and cause damage to your gate. You may prevent these pests by frequently cleaning and spraying the operative box insecticidally.

Creeping creatures might prevent your automated gate from opening or closing. Spiders and slugs often build nests in and around automated gate operators, and their slime trails may block circuit boards and even cause equipment to malfunction. 

Termites may also harm the construction of your gate by consuming wood. Even if your gate has been treated to protect it from the elements, termites may still burrow through the wood, causing decay or even motor damage.

Final point

Despite the many advantages of automated gates, the heat and infrequent late-summer storms may harm them significantly. This is why regular maintenance is vital. 

For the upkeep of your automatic gate in Atlanta, contact Your New Gate Company team for automatic gate maintenance over the summer to prevent expensive gate failures.

We can also assist you in preventing storm damage to your gates by lubricating them every three to six months. We can also help you keep your automated gates operational during power outages by opening them as necessary. Regular gate maintenance is the most critical aspect of automated gate maintenance.
Our professionals can service your gate throughout the summer or any other time of year. A professional from an automated gate company in Atlanta will also be able to clean any dirt or debris.