handwritten mail

Direct mail marketing has made a comeback and is proving to effectively connect with the target group and create brand awareness.

handwritten mail provides a unique way to get across your message in the current world where everything is rapidly turning digital and bringing about digital fatigue, although at a slow pace.

But how would you generate interest among potential clients through your mails? It should not be that your mail ends up in the garbage bin with several other useless pieces of documents.

Read on to know more about some tips to write interesting mails.

Your mail should include below styles and tips to arouse curiosity among your target group so that there is some reaction from them after reading your mails:

  • Use the copywriting formula

This formula consists of Before-After-Bridge. “Before” is the current situation or some problem that requires a solution. “After” is the solution that you want to provide through your product or service. “Bridge” is the way of connecting the gap between these two situations.

Start with an interesting headline that will directly address the problem or concern. The headline is the most important part of a letter/ communication, drawing the reader’s attention and making them read the rest. 

Continue the flow and direct the readers to get in touch with you at the end. 

  • Use a reverse order

State the goal first, like what solution you can provide. Then work backward to inform the readers how they can get it.

You can inform about how others have benefitted from your products or services, and in the same way, it can benefit the reader. 

Provide your offer first to see how it generates interest in the reader.

  • Focus on the benefits

Do not go on describing the features but emphasize on how it can benefit the readers. Your product or service may be ultra-attractive to you, but the reader would not care if he does not find the benefit that he wants. 

Explain how it is going to help him so that he wants more information about it. 

  • Identify your reader’s problem

Your handwritten mail should try to identify the reader’s problem and elaborate on the solutions.

This would make the reader feel that you can understand what he wants and that you want to help him out. This may make him contact you to know more about the product or service that you would provide. 

  • Personalize your mail

You are most likely to get a conversion if you can make the reader feel that you are personalizing his experience. You can include some personal details, his previous interactions with you, the requests that they made, etc.

  • Answer the objections

Most of the time, the typical objections that you would find for non-conversion are lack of money, time, interest, and trust.

If you can convince your potential client on these lines, you are going to succeed.

Now that you know the basic tips in formatting a handwritten mail go ahead and design one based on the guidelines. Add a little bit of your own creativity and put in the required information related to your product or service, and you would be successful in acquiring a client base.