CBD Vape Pen

The global electronic cigarette and vape market is on a roll, having reached a market size of $15.04 billion in 2020. This 2021, industry analysts place its value at $18.47 billion. What’s even more shocking is that they predict it to become a $104.51 billion sector come 2028!

A critical factor driving that growth is the increasing popularity of CBD vape pens. So that you know, cannabidiol products made up a global market with an estimated worth of $2.77 billion in 2020. Such products include CBD oil and juice specifically for use in vaporizers.

Before you switch from smoking to vaping, though, it pays to know what CBD vapes consist of first. This way, you can decide what type of vaporizing device is best for you.

We’ll give you all the essential details you need in this guide, so be sure to read on.


The mouthpiece, also often referred to as the drip tip, is the part of a CBD vape pen you place between your lips. This is the component you puff so that the vaporized CBD product enters your mouth.

In some CBD vape pens, taking a puff from the mouthpiece activates the pens’ heating element. This is the case for most disposable vape pens, which usually don’t have power buttons.

In rechargeable vapes, the mouthpiece is customizable or replaceable. So, you can swap out these drip tips with those in your desired size and shape.


All vaporizers, including the original e-cigarettes, rely on a battery to store power. That power is what supplies energy to the vape pen’s heating element. As such, without a battery, you’d never get the vape pen to aerosolize the CBD oil, juice, or distillate.

The type of battery used in a CBD vape pen then determines if it’s disposable or rechargeable.

In disposable vape pens, the battery has a limited lifespan designed to last for as long as the pen’s CBD content. So, the battery usually drains once the CBD oil, juice, or distillate runs out.

There are, however, some disposable CBD vape pens that you can recharge at least once. After all, some users may take smaller puffs. In such cases, the pre-charged battery may drain before its CBD content.

Thus, those disposable pens have batteries that allow for a one-time recharge. This way, their users can finish the rest of the CBD oil, juice, or distillate before disposing of the pen.

Finally, there are the rechargeable vape pens that have, well, rechargeable batteries. Because you can recharge their batteries, they’re pricier than the disposable ones. For the same reason, they’re ideal for folks who plan to vape in the long term.

Rechargeable vape pens often use USB chargers, making drained batteries easy to revive. However, some products have specific chargers that you need to use at all times. In this case, never use any other cable or cord; otherwise, you may end up damaging your vaporizer.

Heating Element

In a vaporizer, the heating element is the component that allows for vaporization. Many of these heating elements use metal, others glass, while a few utilize ceramic. Either way, they all come with coils that then heat the cartridge or tank containing the CBD extract.

As mentioned above, the battery connects to the heating coil to supply it with power. So, once you activate the battery, it should energize the coil. This, in turn, makes the coil hot enough to transform the CBD extract into aerosol or vapor form.

The vaporized CBD extract then travels to the mouthpiece and into your mouth.


Vape cartridges, also known as vape carts, are small glass containers. These are the components designed to hold a small amount of CBD products safe to vaporize. These include full-spectrum CBD oil, juice, or distillate.

In most disposable pens, the cartridge already comes attached to a single-use battery. They don’t require you to assemble anything; you can start taking small puffs right away.

With a rechargeable pen, however, you need to connect the vape cartridge to the battery first. So long as there’s power in the battery, the cartridge’s contents should vaporize.

Speaking of which, do you know how much cannabinoids and terpenes are in CBD vape carts? If you use high-quality cartridges, then there should be at least 60% CBD in them. Moreover, the oil should boast about 3% to 8% of cannabis-derived terpenes.

Once you finish all those cannabinoids and terpenes, you then need to discard the cart. You can then buy a new cartridge to satisfy your daily CBD needs. Alternatively, you can switch to a cartridge with another flavored CBD juice.


In vape talk, the term tank refers to a refillable container that holds CBD liquids or e-juices. This makes them different from a cartridge, which you need to dispose of once its contents are gone. Many tanks also come with a built-in heating coil; these are what you call atomizers.

In some rechargeable vape pens, the tank is only a part of either a clearomizer or a cartomizer.

A clearomizer is a portmanteau of clear and atomizer. The term “clear” refers to how a clearomizer has a see-through glass window. Thanks to this window, you can always see how much CBD extract you still have left in the tank.

On the other hand, a cartomizer is a single unit that combines a tank, heating coil, and wick. It’s different from a clearomizer because it doesn’t have a glass window. Thus, you won’t know that you’re out of CBD extracts until you can’t vaporize anything.

Buy the Highest Quality CBD Vape Pen You Can Afford

As a final reminder, make sure the CBD vape pen you buy meets federal legal standards. This means ensuring the extract doesn’t contain more than 0.3% tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). In addition, the CBD vape oil or juice itself must only be a derivative of hemp.

So long as you keep those things in mind, then you can happily puff away on your CBD vaporizer.

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