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Both modern and historic buildings of downtown Houston, Texas blurred behind a chainlink fence in the foreground.

A quality fence installation has the power to greatly enhance your property’s functionality, security, and style. But reaping these benefits relies heavily on constructing the fence properly from the start. Attempting to install fencing yourself as a DIY project often leads to lackluster results compared to hiring professional fence companies.

In this guide, we’ll explore the many advantages of hiring an experienced local fencing company versus opting for DIY. Read on to learn how pros get the job done right the first time, deliver lasting fences properly configured for your environment, and provide vital protections that DIY projects lack.

Technical Expertise Leads to Quality Construction

Professionals have honed the specialized skills and techniques required for sturdy, high-performing fence installations. This expertise makes all the difference in fence quality.

For example, proper digging and securing of fence posts in concrete prevents leaning or sagging later on. Straight, evenly-spaced panel runs free of gaps rely on precise measuring skills. Gate hardware and mechanics expertise delivers smooth operation that lasts for years of use. Professional equipment allows digging holes and leveling terrain efficiently.

DIYers often lack the technical precision required at every step, resulting in things like crooked posts, misaligned panels prone to falling, and gates that fail to function properly long-term due to hardware issues or improper balancing. Doing the job right requires professional acumen.

Compliance with Safety Standards and Building Codes

In addition to sound construction techniques, licensed fencing contractors are versed in safety standards and local permit/zoning regulations. Professionals:

  • Include required safety features like pool barrier self-closing gates.
  • Follow codes for fence height allowances based on location.
  • Use permitted materials meeting safety standards – proper baluster spacing, avoiding pointed finials, etc.
  • Stick to property line setbacks andFinished side facing out requirements.
  • Pull all required permits and complete necessary inspections.

Ignoring zoning codes and safety mandates can lead to fines, forced removal of DIY fences, or compromise security. Professionals deliver code-compliant, permitted projects.

Liability and Warranty Protections

Reputable fencing firms carry General Liability insurance plus Workers Compensation coverage for employees. This provides financial protection if accidents or injuries happen on your property.

They also guarantee workmanship against defects for 5-10 years. DIY projects offer no recourse if poor materials or installation flaws cause fences to fail or fall apart prematurely.

Professional installations likewise ensure proper materials disposal and site cleanup. DIYers often abandon trash and unused materials onsite leading to violations.

Overall, hiring insured pros reduces liability exposures. You gain peace of mind thanks to long-term warranties guaranteeing a quality outcome.

Efficiency Minimizes Disruption

Unlike DIYers learning as they go, professional crews have honed streamlined systems to install fences efficiently in the shortest possible timeframe. They:

  • Stage and prepare all materials/tools prior to delivery
  • Layout fence lines and dig post holes quickly with commercial equipment
  • Work efficiently as a team with specialized roles
  • Have templates and procedures to attach panels rapidly straight and square
  • Complete final grading, cleanup and haul away debris in one sweep

This start-to-finish coordination with time-tested workflows minimizes disruption to your household or business compared to a DIY project dragging on.

Custom Design Services

Professionals don’t just mechanically install fences. Reputable firms have in-house designers who can provide custom layouts and materials options tailored to your aesthetic vision and functional needs.

They translate desires into practical plans accounting for environment, usage, zoning, blending with existing architecture, and enhancing natural highlights of the property. DIY options tend to be more simplistic.

Whether you seek privacy, added security, noise reduction or purely artistic appeal from your fence, professionals deliver creative solutions.

Ongoing Maintenance and Repair Availability

After installation, you want a fencing partner who remains available for maintenance, repairs, or future expansion projects. Professional companies offer:

  • Annual fence cleaning, sealing, and hardware tightening
  • Repairs like straightening posts, fixing latches, replacing warped planks
  • Expansions and gate additions to existing fences they’ve installed

Established fencing firms provide a long-term maintenance relationship you can rely on.

In short, fencing done right the first time relies on experienced professionals. Their expertise in every aspect of planning, designing, permitting, materials selection, installation, and lifetime service ensures optimal outcomes.


For homeowners considering DIY as a cost-saving tactic, the drawbacks often outweigh penny-pinching benefits. Protect your investment – and your property – by hiring true Wrought Iron Fencing pros right from the start.