The premise is simply that using nutrients that our bodies have evolved to use is a safer (and often more sustainable) first approach for treating mood disorders. When 15-year-old Cat moves to a new town in rural Michigan, she’s ecstatic to find a friend in Marlena, a beautiful, pill-popping neighbor. She’s drawn to Marlena’s world and joins her on an adventure of drinking, smoking, and kissing.

  • The Outrun by Amy LiptrotThis recovery story captures the anguish and doubt that accompany the choice to quit drinking.
  • The Sober Lush by Jardine Libaire and Amanda Eyre WardMust I retire all my old indulgences?
  • Whether facing alcoholism or addiction, the individual’s loved ones also suffer.
  • This book (and its female audience counterpart, Thinner, Leaner, Stronger) can help you avoid the layers of marketing BS that plague fitness magazines and start a fitness regimen that actually works.
  • He details his rehab experience in a 12-step oriented facility, and offers an honest viewpoint of both the pros and cons surrounding this therapeutic model.

Belle’s consistent messaging on our faulty thinking led to a major mindset shift for me. She provides actionable steps for anyone looking to drink less or none at all. A great starter book for anyone looking to begin changing their relationship with alcohol. This book serves as a guide for anyone starting their journey with a 30 day sobriety challenge. The Dry Challenge can be especially helpful for people who drink socially, and are looking to take a structured step back to re-evaluate their habits.

Best Books About Alcohol Recovery

Unlike 7 Weeks to Sobriety, this book answers some questions about why the addiction treatment industry tends to ignore nutrition. In college, my friends and I joked that it’s not alcoholism until you graduate. Then I told myself it was because I was a journalist working the night shift. The co-founder and CEO of Whole 30 and bestselling author, Melissa Urban, helped millions of people transform their relationship with food.

best alcohol recovery books

Dr. Brown gives us tools to shape and share our thoughts in the most honest way possible, which can be a crucial step towards healing. After finishing A Happier Hour, the bar was set high for future reads (no pun intended). Weller has a relatable story for any high-achiever who finds themselves with boozy, foggy evenings that turn into hangovers the next morning. Written with raw vulnerability, the pages of this book are filled with an honest look at her own relationship to alcohol. It got me thinking the one thing I never wanted to be true… maybe it is the alcohol that’s making me so miserable?

Best 20 Books About Addiction Recovery

For a long time I felt tortured by the mystery of why some people are alcoholics and others aren’t. At best, going to bed with a bottle of wine will make you wake up feeling dry-mouthed and stupid. Going to bed with a book will tire your eyes naturally, ease your subconscious tension, and fill your mind with endless possibilities. This article best alcoholic memoirs explores the facts around alcohol-free drinks and how they can effect your pregnancy, for both you and your baby. Overcoming the urge to drink alcohol requires a combination of self-awareness, effective coping strategies, and a strong support system. This article dives into specific practices you can adopt to reduce your alcohol cravings.